Business Cards Matter

Business Cards Matter
Business cards are often the first representation of your company's brand.
Your card should share more about what your company does than just provide contact information. Quality, design and creativity matter. A tactile element such as laser cutting, foils or spot varnishes, will cause the recipient to look at it, feel it, and more often than not, keep it more than cheap card that’s super standard. 

People expect to receive business cards.
They are an excellent direct marketing tool, wherever you might come across a networking opportunity--whether it be at a conference, a trade show or at the park with your pup--Sometimes that unexpected, organic exchange can feel more genuine than a planned meeting, and having that card on hand can provide proof of that awesome first impression.

Your card gives your company legitimacy.
Whether you own a small business or work for a large corporation, the recipient should be able to infer some qualities about you or your brand, by looking at your card. Business cards can also be an excellent conversion starter in any environment, setting you aside from completion, and showing you are prepared.

Business cards are also a minimal marketing investment.
Compared to other marketing material, business cards don’t cost much, allowing you to communicate and market yourself or company quickly while not breaking the bank. You can even personalize individual employee’s cards, making your team more excited about handing out their card, putting your company in front of even more prospective clients.

Offering something tangible is important.
In this digital age, where online profiles and websites boast, having a great connection and receiving a memorable, cleverly designed business card probably takes the cake 9 times out of 10.

Our team at Laser Cut Paper can help you create a unique laser cut business card for your company. We have an in-house design team that are experts at laser-cut design, and together with you, can create something that conveys the flavor of your company, while providing you with fundamental a marketing tool.

Ron Macken