Our laser cutting technology for cutting paper is unique in that the level of detail in a particular design has no effect on the cost.  The cost is determined primarily by the laser’s scan area not the detail or intricacy. A thousand holes will cost the same as one large hole, if the overall area is the same. Stock weight and density are also factors. Thin stocks cut faster than thick stocks because there is less material being vaporized.

Of course there may be some additional costs or savings associated with your particular project, so it’s important to contact us early in the design process for a price quote and give us an opportunity to find the most economical format for you.  Some additional charges may be a rush fee, additional art time, tooling & special set-ups, a short sample run or last minute changes in the art or format.

We will be able to help you find the most cost-effective format for your laser cutting and perhaps give you some tips that will save you production costs in other areas too.

Ron MackenLightwave Laser