Line Thickness


Paper thickness is the major factor determining line weight for laser cut art. As a general rule, lines must be at least as wide as the paper is thick.

As an example, 65# cover is typically 0.010” thick. For that weight, a one-point line (0.0139”) would be perfect. A typical 80# cover is about 0.013” thick and would have marginal success with a one point line. In that case, a 1.5 point line (0.020”) would be best. This line weight standard is true for both standing elements of paper and holes or lines cut through the paper.


The reason for this is that laser cuts close-in, or taper, as the beam passes through the stock. The target side of a sheet always has larger openings than the exit side. The angle of the cut edge is always 20º, yielding a combined taper of 40º for a typical cut opening. This angle is constant for all paper types but isn’t particularly noticeable on text weight stocks. It becomes very apparent on heavier cover stocks. The art staff of Laser Cut Paper is available to help you in preparing your art and determining appropriate line weights for your project.