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Machine & Paper Specifications

Laser Cut Paper uses a sheet fed laser-cutting system. Individual sheets are lifted off an in-feed stack and registered to a 90º gripper / guide corner, much the same as in sheet printing.

Each sheet is then gripped along one side by a vacuum bar and carried through a scanning laser beam that vaporizes selected areas of the paper. This process leaves no scrap and no physical tools contact the cut area. When complete, the sheet is moved to an out-feed tray by conveyor tapes.

Sheet Size: The maximum sheet size is 28” wide and 38” long. Stock weight can range from light text through 25 point card. However, thick stocks limit the level of detail that can be cut. A list of previously successful materials is available as well as free laser testing on any unfamiliar stock. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of this testing. The minimum workable sheet size is 7” wide by 5” long (feed direction). This is an absolute minimum size and additional stock may be required in either dimension to guarantee consistent feed and registration on some projects. There must be a 1.25” uncut strip of material along the sheet’s length for the vacuum feed to grip. This feed area can be part of the final piece or trimmed off after laser cutting.

Scan Area: The maximum laser scan width is 5.5” and the full length of each sheet can be scanned if required. Designs with a wider art area can be produced by multiple passes. Laser Cut Paper will divide the art for multiple passes.