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Paper Characteristics


All papers do not cut equally well. This is occasionally a result of the style or detail level of the artwork being cut, but most often it is the chemical or fiber content of a particular paper that causes discoloration or incomplete cutting.

As the laser beam contacts the paper, organic components are instantly turned into a gas and are pulled away from the surface by a strong vacuum pump. This is why the paper doesn’t burst into flames when it’s cut. Inorganic materials, such as clay and plastic do not vaporize as readily and leave deposits at the edge of the laser cut.

There is also some heat-related discoloration in that same area with some materials. This discoloration appears only on the target side of the sheet and can be disguised by print. Often, using the back-side of the sheet as the target side hides the problem. Much of this discoloration can be avoided by using a clean cutting stock.Because paper formulations can change without notice, it is always best to discuss your paper preference with Laser Cut Paper early in the design process. Perhaps we can suggest a stock that will perform better yet maintain the color, weight and texture you require.

Laser Cut Paper will also do a laser cut test on any stock of your choice to be certain that it performs to your requirements. This testing is free and we strongly recommend it for all materials.