Laser cut Paper


Our experienced staff here at Laser Cut Paper can help you prevent costly and time consuming production issues.




Before proceeding into final art, it is important that Laser Cut Paper has an opportunity to review your design for suitability. Laser cutting has some unique characteristics that may not be obvious to the first time user and we may be able to prevent some costly and time consuming problems.

The following five sections cover information critical to a smooth production process. If you have a question that remains unanswered give us a call so that we can help find an answer or solution.

  • Machine & Paper Specifications...maximums & minimums
  • Registration...for print & for other processes
  • Paper Characteristics...what to use & why
  • Order an order
  • ]Shearing & Packaging...guidelines


Laser Cut Paper uses a sheet fed laser-cutting system. Individual sheets are lifted off an in-feed stack and registered to a 90º gripper / guide corner, much the same as in sheet printing.



Laser cutting is compatible with other sheet fed processes such as printing, embossing, hot foil stamping, scoring, etc. and, as with other “off-line” processes, it is essential that everyone use the same reference corner. For that reason it is important that we discuss your sheet layout early in the design process to establish that consistency. 



 All papers do not cut equally well. This is occasionally a result of the style or detail level of the artwork being cut, but most often it is the chemical or fiber content of a particular paper that causes discoloration or incomplete cutting. 



To proceed into production with your job, we will need a completed purchase order. This purchase order must contain the following information.



Being a sheet fed process, a laser cut’s registration is dependent on a consistent reference corner, and that must be the same corner that is used for all other processes. The reference corner should be marked on a press sheet included with the shipment of sheets and art to Laser Cut Paper’s California facility. This will confirm that the job has been set-up correctly and that registration will be reliable.