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Shearing & Packaging


Being a sheet fed process, a laser cut’s registration is dependent on a consistent reference corner, and that must be the same corner that is used for all other processes. The reference corner should be marked on a press sheet included with the shipment of sheets and art to Laser Cut Paper’s California facility. This will confirm that the job has been set-up correctly and that registration will be reliable.

When a project is printed in multiples, typically to save on printing costs, accurate shearing of the parent sheet is essential. Many of our greeting card publisher clients die-cut their cards from the parent sheet to achieve the most accurate registration possible. All cuts must be built off the reference corner and should be done in small lifts to minimize blade draw. Each shear lot must be identified as to position and packaged separately. Accidental mixing of shear lots may require expensive hand-sorting or suffer a high reject rate due to improper registration.

All paper must be shipped flat in cartons that protect the corners and keep the edges of the sheet clean. Bent corners or scuffed edges will cause registration errors, miss-feeds and machine jams, all of which will increase production costs.